Because of its pure flavor, SKYY Vodka easily takes on the character of a drink.

Fruity, refreshing, spicy, herbal… what do you feel like today? Here are all our favorite vodka cocktails selections for any occasion and season.

Pick your favorite and surprise your guests. Cheers!

Home Cocktails

Classic cocktails

Learn about our classic cocktails with SKYY Vodka.

Flavored cocktails

Get ready to be surprised! Mix our SKYY Infusions.

Easy mixers

You just have to keep it simple. Discover our easy mixers with vodka.

Fruity cocktails

Enter our fruity summer paradise with our drink recipes.

Summer cocktails

Beat the heat with our refreshing selection of vodka cocktails.

Fall cocktails

Autumn calls for rich, all-rounded choices.

Winter cocktails

Oh baby, it's cold outside! Warm it up with our winter vodka drinks.

Holiday cocktails

Surprise your guests with our festive inspired SKYY cocktails.
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